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midnight moose

once upon a midnight dreary....i came upon a moose

11 July 1981
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Hmm, let's see.. I'm on the VERY long-term degree plan for a bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry (decided against finishing my Criminal Justice minor). Pretty much ready to graduate, just have to negotiate with the school. Just too bad that my service dog's a white German Shepherd...the hairs are so going to clash with the robe. *grin*

These days I do a little math tutoring for local college sorts and am known to make a fair bit of money from time to time by editing theses and dissertations. (Which is how I've recently come to know FAR too much about the deregulation of the phone industry!) I've made a fair start at finding a market for my chainmail...there's definitely been a fair bit of interest, but it's rather intimidating to try starting something like that on one's own.

Really love my public speaking (mostly on service dogs and invisible disabilities...then after getting to play with Xiomar at the end, I get to give a slightly shorter speech about proper removal of GSD fur from clothing. Essentially, don't even try. Just accept that it's a new fashion statement!) Before the anxiety disorder, hated the public speaking bit as much as most people do, but now it's about the only time I can be with a large number of people and NOT get nervous. I've done seminars in schools for kids ages 10 and up, I've spoken to Kiwanis clubs, even helping put together a website resource for folks looking for more info. Did a lecture in Feb 2005 to a Social Welfare Policy class at TCU on service dogs and the programs available to help the disabled and mentally ill. Spring 2006 marked my third year doing a presentation at Expanding Your Horizons--a day long event for 8th and 9th grade girls to expose 'em to all sorts of professional women, let them see just how many options they've got.

Totally addicted to reading, and if it's Heinlein, it's not worth the effort to try to get my attention once I crack open the cover. Actually, it's hard to get my attention no matter what I'm reading. At any rate, love my fiction, especially Fantasy/Sci-Fi, good mysteries/thrillers, and even the occasional Nora Roberts. Spider Robinson, Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffery, Piers Anthony, Laurell K. Hamilton, Orson Scott Card, Dean Koontz, Patricia Cornwell, Robin Cook, Lisa Scottoline, Kurt Vonnegut (strange little man), etc., etc., etc... *sheepish grin* And those are just the ones that come to mind quickly. Generally prefer fiction, but do read a lot of non-fiction on the various subjects that fascinate me. Of late, Neurolinguistic Programming for Dummies (yes, it truly is a real book), Wheelock's basic Latin textbook, couple of Gaelic texts, a collection of German poetry, all kinds of dog training/operant conditioning references, and almost ANYTHING about comparative religion or history of mythology.

Used to be really good at music, hope to be again as soon as I can actually afford a decent instrument. Got my piano back this summer...keep getting sucked in and spend waaay too much time. Still searching for just the right viola. *grumble* MUCH harder.

Been getting a lot better at crochet (argh! so feminine!) and my sketching is improving in starts and stops, depending on how much time I have to work on it. And can I just mention chainmail again? *grin*

I've been letting myself get behind, but usually I'm pretty good about computer building. In more general terms, I just like taking things apart. It's even more fun when I can put them back together again without extra parts left over (though that's a somewhat rare occasion and usually calls for great celebration.)

I'm also one of what was once a rare breed...the female gamer. Seeing a lot more of 'em now, but I can still remember back to when I was the only girl in a group with a hundred or so guys. (And yes, I took full advantage of flirting to distract 'em from killing me whenever possible. Too bad it didn't help much...thppbbt).

Being back in small-town East Texas after so many years in the DFW area is hard, but I'm adjusting. Things are slower here in a way...people are much less high-strung and much more easygoing. It's nice, but I miss some of the hustle of the city.

So at this point, my lastest avocation (and potentially profitable sideline) is chainmail. So far I've stuck with jewelry (enough material for armor is a lot more expensive and doesn't allow for quite so much creativity, but I definitely do it on commission). I've had a few commissioned pieces thus far and am still working on putting together enough samples to offer wider choices through my website. In Oct 2005, got an invitation from the fashion dept at TCU to bring up some samples, talk to a couple of the professors. *grins* And to think most people doing college lectures have graduate degrees... Very big self-esteem booster to have such great people so interested in the things I like to do.

So yeh, disabled now, but you'd never know it to look at me (barring the big furry white dog that follows me around!). Been doing most of my schoolwork online (there's a VERY great deal to be said about being able to do homework at 2AM in one's pajamas). I've gotten really involved in disability advocacy, specifically the vast number of different sorts of disabilities that service dogs can be trained to mitigate. Website's finally coming together again...getting the disability and chainmail sections up and going are the major priorities right now. So feel free to msg, email, whatever. Love hearing from new people and (as you might have noticed) have no problems answering most personal questions or just discussing random philosophical questions.
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